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Good News for Your Facebook Traffic

Posted by Sherm Stevens

Many of us in the Social Media sphere have been lamenting the fact that Facebook organic reach has been declining in the past year, as Facebook has pushed brands into paid advertising to reach their target audience. The bad: you have to spend money to reach your target audience. The good: you can target like never before.

In spite of all the bitching and moaning, Facebook continues to drive more traffic to websites. Since Facebook owns the rights to all of their users and any content on their social network, it only makes sense to drive traffic from Facebook to a website where you can capture a lead and own it.

The latest stats are in: the world's largest social network only continues to drive more and more traffic to websites:

In fact, according to a new report discussed in WebProNews, it’s the only one of the top eight social networks to actually drive more traffic from March to June than it did in the months prior.

Facebook is the leading social media network to drive traffic to websites

Highlights of the WebProNews article:

  • Facebook drove 23.39% of overall visits to sites. All in all, social media appears to making up a greater percentage of the referral pie.
  • Facebook launched a new feature which should result in even more referrals for sites: the new "Save" feature lets users save links (as well as places, movies, TV shows, and music) in their News Feed to view later.
  • The "Save" feature supports sponsored posts, so that’s good news for Facebook advertisers. You might get the click later, but you'll still get the click.

Amazingly, I still have clients arguing with me that "Facebook isn't right for me" and "Our audience isn't on Facebook."

Read about the report here.


At Last! Facebook adds SAVE capability

Posted by Sherm Stevens

Finally, Facebook has added a somewhat limited Save capability to the ubiquitous social network. The current version of the Save feature only allows you to save links for later viewing, with apparent plans to allow users to save timeline content for later viewing.

Well done, Facebook. Keep it coming!

Introducing Save on Facebook from Facebook on Vimeo.


Facebook Eases Up on Timeline Cover Restrictions?

Posted by Sherm Stevens

Remember when the Facebook timeline appeared last year? We were not supposed to promote with that new Cover image. Now, that's all changed, according to

Now, you can use up to 20% of the image area for promotion. Here's a great example from Mari Smith's timeline:

Mari Smith takes advantage of Facebook's new Timeline cover rules.

Mari Smith takes advantage of Facebook's new Timeline cover rules.


Mari Smith takes advantage of Facebook's new Timeline cover rules.Mari Smith has maximized her 20% in a great way.She uses the space to:

  • Promote her social media survey in exchange for a free Facebook marketing report.
  • Draw attention to her like button to increase fans.
  • Tell people how they can get all of her latest updates by selecting the Get Notifications option.

For those of us marketing our clients' businesses on Facebook, this comes as a welcome relief.

Read the entire article here.


13 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog

Posted by Sherm Stevens

From my perspective, Search Engine Optimization is the number one reason why your company needs a blog. Blogs work hand-in-hand with social media and helping drive traffic to your website. There are 12 other great reasons in this article by  from I recommend you read the entire article.

1. A blog shows visitors you know your stuff

2. A blog helps you get more traffic

3. Blog = SEO, baby

4. Blog posts are link bait

5. A blog is food for social media 

6. Behold the CTR power of Google Authorship

7. Unlike social media posts, you really do own your blog content – and you’re the one benefiting from it

8. Getting and keeping people on your site probably helps your business goals.

9. Blog posts have a longer shelf life

10. Help with customer support

11. Cred for author

12. Blog comments – and commentors – are gold

13. Blogging shows you’re still in business, and rocking it

Blogging should be the cornerstone of your web marketing efforts. How to get started blogging? Contact iNvision Studios Web Marketing to set up your very own company blog.



2013 Research Study: Google SEO Ranking Factors

Posted by Sherm Stevens

Google search engine optimizationIn this interesting exercise, conducted a test to determine what factors Google may be using to rank web pages. I say "may" because Google doesn't publish how it works. They don't want people gaming the system to their advantage -- they believe SEO is not and should not be necessary.

Author Lisa Parmley describes her process for the research:

"We randomly selected 100 keyphrases, typed them into Google and collected the URL’s of the first 5 results that showed up. The Firefox browser was used for all the searches. We were not logged into any Google products during the search phase.

The 100 keyphrases ranged from 2 word phrases up to 6 word phrases. The first 5 results in the Google search results listings were chosen, giving us a total of 500 different web pages to collect data from.

We ignored all the Google Adwords ads. We also skipped image listings, shopping site sets, and news site sets.  We only analyzed actual web pages ranking #1 through #5 in the SERPs.

Here’s what we collected from each web page:

  • Full URL
  • Title tag
  • Headline
  • Number of subheadings
  • Body copy word count
  • Number of images in the body
  • Number of videos in the body
  • Number of referring domains to the web page (data from
  • Social signals; Tweets, Facebook like, and Facebook shares (data from

We also analyzed the keyphrase the web page ranked high for in comparison with many of the factors listed above."

The results were not surprising at all (at least, for those of us that work in the field): content is king. Here's a quick summary of her findings:

  • Highest ranking pages had an average of 800+ words of body copy, 150 words more than the #5 page
  • Page title tag + headline included the keyword phrase
  • Highest ranking pages all included a high number of backlinks and social shares
  • More backlinks means higher ranking (by a factor of 5 to 1)
  • Images and video can play a significant role in higher ranking

If you're interested in such things, I urge you to go read the entire article here.


Google+ Sign In is Coming

Posted by Sherm Stevens


From SiteProNews:

Google recently announced its new Google+ Sign-In platform during the Google Developers Live stream. I’m all for minimal user names and passwords so I think this single sign on might be a big Google+ win, but only if it can compete with the existing Facebook and Twitter sign-in platforms.

Not only does the new sign-in system provide ease of use for site and app users, it also has huge potential to facilitate consumer interaction, expand online communities and increase mobile app downloads for businesses and web developers.

The Google+ Sign-In feature is represented by a shiny red “Sign in with Google” button. Supported on the web as well as Android and iOS devices, the feature will allow users to sign into websites and mobile apps using their Google accounts rather than having to create a new user name and password.

If you're a fan of the Facebook & Twitter logins available around the 'web, you will like this. Unfortunately, it's only going to be on a select group of Google partner sites for now, including The Guardian, USA Today, Flixster and Tune In Radio, among others.

Sounds like it's going to be a bit more robust than the empty Facebook share box:

Once a user has logged onto your website or mobile app through Google, interactive sharing allows them to share information from your site with their friends, family and professional connections via their Google+ circles. This is where the Google+ sign-in offers a bit more interactivity than Facebook’s sole “share” button: Developers will be able to choose from over 100 verbs to represent a call-to-action like “buy,” “listen,” “vote,” or “review.”

Interactive sharing will also allow developers to customize the text in a user’s post. Unlike the empty Facebook “share” box users are accustomed to, the Google+ posts will help businesses and marketers start the user’s dialog. This pre-fill text will appear as a default entry for the user. Users can then share as-is, modify the message or erase and add their own text.

What do you think? Is this a big deal or a yawn?


Medical Marketing: Using Video SEO To Steal Clicks, Localize Results and Increase Conversion Rate

Posted by Sherm Stevens

John Henry Scherck is an SEO associate at SEER Interactive’s Philadelphia offices recently penned a story about how difficult lead gen is for the medical field, especially with competition from the big players like WebMD and Mayo Clinic. Their clever strategy to level the playing field with those 800-pound gorilla sites? Rich snippets using video.

According to Wikipedia:

"On May 12, 2009, Google announced that they would be parsing the hCard, hReview, and hProduct microformats and using them to populate search result pages with what they called 'Rich Snippets'. Rich Snippet displays additional data from other pages about the resources being displayed in the search result. In order to work, webmasters must incorporate open standards such as microdata, microformats or RDFa in their web pages. Google does not guarantee that the use of these open standards will result in rich snippets, but webmasters have the option to contact Google for its inclusion."

Rich snippets, in essence, are a little clue of data within a website that is specifically formatted for search engines, featuring details like an article's author and other attributes that give credibility to the article. Rich snippets are used to nest semantics within existing content on web page. It requires the data be specifically formatting (in a type of XML code) so the search engines can index it.

How do you benefit from using Microformats or Rich Snippets? In the results of a web search. Have you noticed those little author avatars that appear from time to time in the SERPs? Those are rich snippets. Heatmaps of SERPs show that viewers eyes are drawn to those images. Here's an example:

Example of rich snippets, or microdata data appearing in Google search results.

Example of rich snippets, or microdata appearing in Google search results.

In addition to the author avatar, most YouTube videos when formatted correctly display a thumbnail, thusly:

Example of a video snippet appearing in Google search results.

Example of a video snippet appearing in Google search results. Highly effective way to catch a viewer's eye.

Can you see the potential here? At least for the forseeable future, using Rich Snippets in a website will result in more clicks, even if the link isn't appearing first in the results. Of course, you still have to get the link to page one, but using Rich Snippets will assist in that as well.
Read the full story on the techniques employed by Body Logic here.

And of course, if you'd like to get these same type of results, you know who to call.


Facebook Tops 1 Billion Users. Are you ready to market social media NOW?

Posted by Sherm Stevens


In numbers too big too ignore, Facebook announced that at the end of 2012, they had 1.06 Billion monthly active users.
They also report 680 million mobile users, more than 42 million pages and 9 million apps.

Facebook isn't just for kiddies anymore, folks. As a matter of fact, my teenage daughter doesn't use FB that much anymore, because it's been "invaded by old people." She's migrated on to Instagram.

Social media is now an integral part of web marketing, particularly for local businesses. Here are some other interesting stats:

  • Google+: 343 million active users
  • LinkedIn: 200 million users
  • Twitter: 500 million total users, more than 200 million active users
  • Youtube: 800 million users, 4 billion views per day
  • Instagram: 90 million registered users, 4 billion photos
Is that enough to convince you? No matter your market, social media must play a part of your marketing mix.




Meeting clients today

Posted by Sherm Stevens

Working with several new clients for search engine optimization. Can I help with yours?


Forty-five seconds to ranking

Posted by Sherm Stevens

We've done another version of the branding video for Pickerington-Eastland Heating & Cooling -- this time for their Pataskala, Ohio service area. Watch & learn!

Pataskala Ohio | Heating & Furnace Repair in Pataskala, Ohio