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About iNvision Studios

Our 'Humble' Beginnings in Graphic Design

iNvision Studios was founded in 1993 -- offering creative design, illustration and print production services to our client base of small businesses, agencies and commercial printers. Introduced to the World Wide Web in 1994, we recognized its importance early and jumped on the bandwagon, adding Web and interactive services to our bag of tricks.

We continually strive to improve our service offerings and product mix to accomodate current market conditions and technology, and now offer Local Search Marketing to help our clients attract local business to their brick-and-mortar locations; Social Media Management to help our clients engage with their customers; Mobile Site Optimization and Mobile Marketing (SMS) to allow our clients to interact with the new frontier of the mobile user.

About Sherm

Founder Sherm Stevens holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Cinema from The Ohio State University. Aspiring to be the next Steven Spielberg didn't quite work out for him as he transitioned into creative design and typesetting for the print industry in the early 1990's.

Sherm is an Adobe Certified Expert in PhotoShop, and has extensive experience in llustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash and Dreamweaver. Also proficient in After Effects, Premiere, Soundbooth and Final Cut; he also has cross-platform experience using, and training others to use, these software packages. On Thursdays, you can usually find him training adult students in various Adobe classes in the Continuing Education dept. at The Ohio State University.

Sherm also has experience script writing and writing sales and editorial copy (he was a journalism major before he decided to chase the cinema dream). 

His unique blend of small business marketing savvy (iNvision Studios is a small business, after all), creative conceptualization, clean visual design, and technical mastery add up to give your business a unique marketing advantage.

Now focused on the combination of Web + Local + Social + Mobile marketing, iNvision Studios is positioned to lead our clients into the next generation of small business marketing.

Our Four 'P's


Our passion is to use our creative juices to help other businesses succeed on the web. We're not martyrs, though… a great many sales trainer (Zig Ziglar comes to mind) has said "if you help others get what they want, you get what you want." We want to help other businesses get what they want: increased profits for their business as a result of an improved web presence and interaction with their customers.


Our purpose is to help our clients improve their web presence, their market reach, and ultimately, their bottom line. Why do we care? It's a creative challenge, and we get really jazzed when we succeed and make clients look good and increase their revenues.


Many have said we're trying to do too much, that we should specialize. We tried that. We built websites for many years… then we started offering search engine optimization (SEO) for those sites. When local online advertising came along, we started helping our small business clients get established on Google Places and similar venues. And when social media became mainstream, and our clients started asking, well, we couldn't refuse because we were already using social media for our own business. The next logical step is to help our clients migrate to mobile-optimized websites.

The thing that "they" must understand: it's all part of an online marketing system. Sure, you can have a website by itself. And, you can optimize an existing website for SEO. And, you can set up businesses for local media. And you can optimize a website for mobile. The thing is, these things all work together. Social media activity strengthens SEO reach, local advertising is another facet of SEO… and you can't really do local right without a mobile-optimized website.

Separately, they're all very powerful marketing methods. Together, they result in exponential improvements in attracting online traffic for a website.


We bring a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, as well as experience to every project. We approach each project as a unique opportunity to learn about our clients' business. Each day is a fresh, new opportunity to grow, learn and excel.

We welcome the opportunity to create an exciting web marketing solution for your business! Contact iNvision Studios for a free consultation for your online marketing needs.