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Website Creation & Development

Every business must have a website. How much business are you losing because you don't have an online presence?

Amazingly, only half of all US businesses have an active, working website in 2011! If you want your business to attract more customers, don’t be part of that trend. iNvision Studios can develop a modern “Web 2.0” website for your company at a reasonable price.

Why Does My Business Need a Website?

The days of the phone book are gone. Consumers and businesses use the web to research other businesses and their products and services. More and more, people are using the web to search for local solutions to their needs. Having a web presence is critical.

The only exception to having just any website? Having a bad website. If your website was one of those first generation sites built by your nerdy nephew, perhaps it’s time to upgrade?

We can develop a first-class website that will reflect the stature of your company in the marketplace. That’s a great start to marketing your company on the web.

What Purpose Does a Website Serve?

The primary purpose of a website is to drive traffic to your business. No matter what else it does, a website should act as the main source of information about your business’ products, services and people, present a positive image, and motivate people to do business with you.

A website can also serve a number of other purposes:

  • A 24/7/365 lead generator, sort of a virtual sales force
  • Automated customer service
  • Online commerce - selling product, services or information
  • Public relations and marketing, generate goodwill and credibility

A website is just the start of building an online presence, sort of an anchor to all your other online marketing efforts.

iNvision Studios has provided a number of businesses, non-profits and associations with websites that meet their marketing needs and attract new customers. We can provide the tools to help get you started with a new site, or revise your current site to improve its search engine standing