Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming THE way to reach buyers, sellers and investors in real estate. Watch this video to preview the services we can offer to help grow your business.

What is Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

If you're a real estate professional, there’s no better weapon than mobile to add to your marketing arsenal.

Since mobile phones have become the preferred choice of communication today, text message marketing gives real estate agents and brokers unprecedented and instant access to valuable prospects and clients. People and their mobile phones are attached at the hip -- literally. Old-school marketing practices like direct mail and print have seen response rates spiral downward along with their ROI.

Mobile marketing is the causing a seismic shift in business marketing strategy. It’s not only instant client access that will give you the leg up on the competition – consumers also appreciate the attention and dedication that comes hand-in-hand with text message marketing.

Here are a few benefits that can directly impact your real estate marketing success:

  • Instead of handing your prospective clients a business card, text your details to their mobile phones, so they’ll never be at a loss for your information again.
  • Keep in better touch with your prospects by texting instant information on newly listed properties, expediting the sales process – and make your clients feel like they’re being treated like royalty.
  • From a home buyer's perspective, if they’re driving by a home for sale and want more details, they want that information instantly. If you can send a quick text message and get those details to them immediately, how satisfied would they be?
  • If your real estate signs and flyers prominently display a Quick Response (QR) code, they can be directed to a web page or receive a text message with property details.
  • SMS campaigns have better open rates, better response rates, and better ROI the other marketing methods, including email, print, television, radio.

Text message marketing will allow you to provide far superior service than your competitor. That translates into satisfied customers, a great reputation and recession-proof profits for your business.

An effective mobile marketing strategy for real estate includes:

  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Mobile virtual tours
  • SMS Text Marketing
  • QR code instant property information

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